Marketing Plan

TheMagicBrand bases work on four steps -Investigation, Innovation, Inspiration and Impulse- through these four steps it is possible to plan your company marketing strategies. This is possible since the company status is described; the actions to be taken to innovate and generate emotional hooks, also the strategies to be taken into account to get a better impact on the consumer.

To get this, it is necessary to sketch the main ideas in different “Boards” (by using pictures, drawings, texts, or images) letting the understanding of the current company and making the decisions easier to take.

The four Boards that conforms “TheMagicBrand” can be used in different order or even in an independent way (if it is necessary); however, it is suggested to apply all of them and better following their sequence since there is a total relation among them.


To make decisions in a company, it is necessary to gather information. That is why the first step in the methodology is based on researching four main items, Company, Environment, Consumer and Competence.

JPG - EN - The Magic Brand - Investigation Board


Innovation is the tool that keeps a company aware in this changing world; therefore, companies must frequently wonder themselves how to innovate shopping experience, the target market, its merge of marketing (product, price, plaza and sales promotion) or even about its business pattern.

JPG - EN - The Magic Brand - Innovation Board


Every brand requires attention of the market and must become specialists in attracting the consumer. Due to this, we should identify rational and emotional factors that capture consumer’s attention and achieve coherence in communication to take a position in the consumer’s mind.

JPG - EN - The Magic Brand - Inspiration Board


Once we have developed competitive advantages and it’s clear what we want to communicate, it’s essential to lead ourselves towards action. We must establish strategies that encourage consumers to purchase the products or services offered and at the same time these must have financial support that allows the company reaches its objectives.

JPG - EN - The Magic Brand - Impulse Board

It is important to remember that these steps are not restrictive as regards with order; on the contrary, we have to update them constantly and turn it in an interactive process that allows a better decision making. It’s appropriate to enhance that these charts are a compilation of data so you will have to make use of other tools which allow you reach the points that are shown in them.

We suggest to have these four maps printed in large size in the office of the person responsible for each brand and to update them constantly.

With these four steps and the maps that conforms them, the company will have the guidelines to follow to obtain a greater impact on the market with an innovating and attractive brand that calls customers attention and looks for their loyalty. Thus, achieving the objectives of a marketing plan and the benefits it has for the company’s organization.



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